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 Topic: The Fields for Masters/Grand Masters
The Fields for Masters/Grand Masters [message #133188] Sat, 27 July 2013 07:01
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are awesome. well, the grass ones are. they're flat and have thick grass. a fescue, not the bermuda of Sarasota. not hard but not soft and mushy. there is no way you could complain about the natural grass fields here. two of the fields are turf. i cannot comment on the condition of these turf fields.

in the Masters Division, Surly played all of their games on the turf field while pools b-d played out all games on natural grass.

it appears as though one pre quarter game, one quarterfinal, one semi final will be played on a turf field today.

and the final tomorrow.
 Topic: need a Mixed team 8/4
need a Mixed team 8/4 [message #133150] Fri, 26 July 2013 08:39
Jared Payne
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The Mixed Division of the Hoosier Hoedown is Sunday only August 4th in Bloomington, IN and we need just one more mixed team.

Contact me ASAP if your team is interested in playing sanctioned games 8/4!

hoosiertd at gmail dot com
 Topic: Children of the Corn VIII Oct 12-13
Children of the Corn VIII Oct 12-13 [message #133099] Thu, 25 July 2013 08:38
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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln men's ultimate team is proud to announce that the 8th annual Children Of the Corn tournament will be held on Oct 12-13 2013.

Tournament Info:

Beautiful field space at Fleming Fields and East Campus in Lincoln for 14-16 teams

We are working on discounted hotel rates close to the fields

Possible free housing, first come first serve

There will be a party with free food on Saturday evening

Bagels, bananas and water will all be available both days

Bids will be 250. We are offering a discounted rate for teams who wish to split at 400 dollars for two teams.

COTC is a great early season tournament that offers a great chance for teams to get their rookies experience playing in a competitive and spirited atmosphere. The Open competition will feature both college and club teams and for the first time will be featuring a separate women's division.

If you would like to attend please send bids to

 Topic: Jared Kass interview,
Jared Kass interview, [message #133028] Wed, 24 July 2013 07:10
Lance Marput
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Pardon the large amt of text but this is good info for new and old players of ultimate. Some folks are familiar with this interview of Mr Kass.

There are a few additional informative notes at the very end of the interview.

First let me say that my 2 favorite disc sport / frisbee myths are as follows.

1. Fred Morrison's father held the patent on the sealed beam headlight.

2. Joel Silver invented ultimate.

Peter McCarthy
Midwest Disc Sports Collection
Mizzou Campus
Columbia, MO. USA .shtml

"Archiving disc sports since 1997"


Posted with permission of the disc sport historian Willie Herndon

This is a word-for-word transcription done by Willie Herndon in July, 2013, of an article entitled "This Is How It All Began" which appeared in "Ultimate News" Volume 23 No. 4, Winter 2003. An author's note from July, 2013, appears at the end of this transcription.

This Is How It All Began by Willie Herndon

Willie Herndon interviews Jared Kass, the man who taught Joel Silver to play Ultimate and who gave the sport its name
In 1998 I interviewed Joel Silver in his office at Warner Brothers Studio in Los Angeles, California. He spoke of his role in creating the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. He mentioned, without adding any detail, that he had learned a Frisbee game from someone named Jared Kass while attending a summer camp at Mount Herman School, now the Northfield-Mount Herman School in Massachusetts.

I tried to track down Kass, but didn't think, from the way Silver described things, that he had actually taught Silver the game of Ultimate. It sounded like Silver had played something like Frisbee football with Kass at camp, and then gone back to Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey and made up, and named, a whole new game called Ultimate with his buddies Jon Hines and Buzzy Hellring Jr. (now deceased) back in 1968. I was mistaken in that impression. Thank goodness Joel Silver mentioned the name of Jared Kass, and cared for the truth about the origins of Ultimate. Otherwise, we might never have known the real story of how Ultimate came to be.

Last summer I did an internet search and found a name and number, this time having the presence of mind to try the state of Massachusetts. For the sake of history and just plain curiosity, I left a message at the home of someone named Jared Kass. It was a shot in the dark. I hoped he might be the same Jared Kass that Silver had remembered from 35 years ago, and he was.

To my surprise, once I spoke with Mr. Kass, I discovered that he had taught Silver not some distant relative of Ultimate, but Ultimate in its essence. Jared Kass, a professor of Counseling and Psychology at Leslie University, agreed to be interviewed August 30, 2003. He had no idea that he had had anything to do with the creation of Ultimate, and hardly thought or heard about the game for the last 35 years, except that his son's best friend plays Ultimate, and one of his son's teachers is Moses Rifkin, a top notch Boston area player. Here then are excerpts from that interview which took place in Mr. Kass' home in Concord, Massachusetts, just a couple of miles from Walden Pond.

WH: What was the game you made up, who did you make it up with, and where did you make it up?
JK: The way it started I've had to think this over the last couple of months to really put this together. When I arrived at Amherst College in 1965, it was a very poor social environment, and not just in the sense of being an all male school, but also in the sense that it was a fairly competitive environment.
There were a bunch of us who knew how to throw the Frisbee, and we also played touch football... I think it was probably really in our junior year ['67-'68] that it kind of happened and gelled when we shifted from sometimes playing touch football or sometimes kicking a soccer ball around to using the Frisbee in that way. There was a moment when we began to play a team game using a Frisbee.

WH: On the campus of Amherst College?
JK: Yes, there were a couple of nice quads reasonably flat greens.

WH: Do you remember a day when you were playing touch football and you happened to have a Frisbee and someone said, "Why don't we play with a Frisbee?"
JK: I don't remember that, and I wish I did. I remember there was a point when we had made the shift. I just remember most clearly that you weren't kicking it through a goal; you were having to pass it to somebody who was across the line. What was so wonderful about the frisbee game was that it was so much more fluid than the downs in football. In that way soccer, with all the constant movement back and forth, had more of the fluidity of what made sense for a Frisbee. So obviously if somebody intercepted a Frisbee pass, the teams changed possession. Then you realized if a pass is dropped, that was it; it changed possession.

WH: So you changed the rules. Did you or someone else decide about these new rules?
JK: It's an indistinct memory, and I was definitely part of it. But that's part of what was fun: at least at that point I think it was just a bunch of guys playing together and you just suddenly realized intuitively, "No, that's the way we should do it," because you wanted the game to keep changing to be very fluid. That's what was fun about it the fluidity and the change of direction that happened so naturally and quickly.

WH: What were the rules of the Frisbee game that you and your friends made up?
JK: I don't think we actually thought of it as rules. It was just sort of the way you did it. Contact was not what it was about. Whether it was because we were the intellectuals who were not into contact sports, or I just think we understood that the beauty was to keep the Frisbee moving and that that's what it was about. If you were running with it, then how could someone stop you? It had to become a contact sport. So [we decided] it was okay to take a couple of steps to position yourself, but basically you couldn't travel by running. If the frisbee was intercepted or the frisbee pass was dropped or if it was blocked and knocked down, then the direction changed. If it was knocked down by somebody bashing your arm, the hey, everybody understood that was no go everybody got that then the guy was allowed to pick it up and throw it again...

WH: Do you remember any names from that group, and did any of you keep playing?
JK: Steve Ward, Richard Jacobsen, Bob Fine, Robert Marblestone, Gordon Murray... The gang broke up. I didn't really play after Amherst.

WH: It seems that, without realizing it, you named the sport of Ultimate. How did that happen?
JK: What I do remember and this piece I do remember clearly I just remember one time running for a pass and leaping up in the air and just feeling the Frisbee making it into my hand and feeling the perfect synchrony and the joy of the moment, and as I landed I said to myself, "This is the ultimate game. This is the ultimate game."

WH: You do remember this moment?
JK: I do; I remember that. It was like saying, "I've played football, basketball, baseball-"

WH: You had played those sports?
JK: Yeah. I played all the different things. I was just a kid who liked sports and didn't care to be in heavy competition. I wasn't that good, but I was good enough to be graceful and really just enjoy them. So saying, "This is the ultimate game," was saying this game just really matches and beats other ones that I've enjoyed. And it's not that I then turned around to my friends and said, "We should call this ultimate Frisbee." We just kept saying we were playing frisbee.

WH: But did you later name this game Ultimate Frisbee?
JK: Yes, it was when I was at Northfield Mount Herman. I can remember the moment clearly, but I can't identify the exact date or the time. [Jared Kass worked there in the summer of 1968, at age 21, between his junior and senior years at Amherst.] This was really the first time in my life I was a teacher in an official capacity. I was an assistant teacher in a creative writing program, and I was a dorm counselor for a bunch of guys. We lived on a floor together, and that's the matrix, the context in which the thing developed. I think I was probably trying to entice the guys. I felt that they just needed some new kind of energy, so I said, "Hey guys, have you ever played ultimate?"

WH: Wait, this is a memory?
JK: Yes... I think the teacher in me came out in that moment, and I understood that I needed to say something that sounded confusing, flashy to these high school kids who were all over the place in terms of who they were.

WH: Was Joel Silver one of the guys on your floor?
JK: I can't swear to that, but it must have been because I wasn't teaching it to the whole school. There were a bunch of guys that I was bonding with, and we were the ones who played Ultimate together.

WH: Do you remember who Joel Silver was?
JK: I wish I could say that I remember Joel. When you called me, it jogged my memory, and I thought, "Yeah, there was a Joel." That came back.

WH: Why did you want them to play this Frisbee game?
JK: They were kids who were trying to figure themselves out... I could feel that they didn't know how to be friends or whether they should be competing with each other. I mean, after all, you're in an enrichment program to get into college, so it's as though "Who's supposed to be doing best." Many of them were showing signs of loneliness. It galvanized them. I wanted the game to basically be fun, not another thing to compete in and worry about, "Am I good enough, how am I being seen?"
Someone would drop a pass. I could see the kid getting really pissed at himself, and I'd say, "Don't worry about it. That's what's cool about this game because the mistakes are what allow the direction to change so fast." And so it began to give them a way to relax. Sometimes someone would take too many steps, and someone would start yelling, "YOU TOOK TOO MANY STEPS," and I'd say, "Yeah, that's right, but the most important thing is actually to keep the game going. So let's not count steps, guys. Let's try to just sort of self-regulate on this. Nobody's gonna' give you any trouble."

WH: Are you sure you said that? This isn't hindsight now with your knowledge of Ultimate and "Spirit of the Game?"
JK: The weirdest thing about this is that I had not seen an official game until you called and sent me a tape.

WH: So you did say "self-regulate" or words to that effect?
JK: Yes, definitely words to that effect. I was saying, "Guys, what's important is the fun of the game; it's not catching each other on mistakes. Being mad at each other and feeling like we're making mistakes that's not going to make the game feel fun. It's going to make the game feel like another thing that you're competing on, and we're all doing that way too much in our lives. So let go of it." I already understood as a young man just how much I hated that kind of competition and hated the pressure because Amherst was a hotbed of that.

WH: Do you think you succeeded at Northfield Mount Herman?
JK: Yes, I think that succeeded in that way.

WH: So you stopped playing Ultimate after college and later heard about a sport called Ultimate. It didn't occur to you that maybe that was you that you had developed the name of the sport and the sport itself?
JK: Did I understand that I had something to do with creating this game called Ultimate? I didn't understand that at all. I've always thought it was kind of nifty I knew that our gang must have been in the early days of playing, but I just kind of assumed that it must have popped up in 20 or 40 different places and slowly took shape. I didn't follow its development enough to understand that the rules that it's played by were so similar to the rules that we played by then, because I think I would have understood. The whole thing's really a wonderful surprise and a wonderful shock. I still can't quite comprehend that you're naming a connection between those things I did at Northfield Mount Hermon that Joel Silver was involved in, and, I mean I get it, but it's bigger than you can quite take in and imagine. I just didn't understand that that was a seed germ that was very specific and that that planting has grown into the tree you're describing. If it took hold, it's only because that desire for joyousness, connection, relaxation, and being lovingly, highly engaged in something is in everybody. And so when somebody finds a way to do it, they just grab hold of it. It's not that, "Oh, this guy Jared Kass had this good idea: let's all follow it." That wouldn't do it. It's only because it really stirs up something in us that we really need.

WH: What would you like to say to the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who now play Ultimate?
JK: There are a couple of things to say. Even as we try to pin responsibility on me for it, the part that I can't take responsibility for is that at that moment I leaped up and said, "This is the ultimate" and felt and experienced it it's not that the game came from me; it's that the game came from the joy of life and that was a moment when I was lucky enough to discover it. It's a joy to be connected to all of you who are playing this game because we all know together we've all had tastes of the experience that it's the ultimate. It's definitely a way of bringing a circle together that I didn't know was there.

WH: What do you think of the UPA Newsletter? [USA Ultimate was formerly known as the Ultimate Players Association, UPA]
JK: To me it's a shock to know that there's such a thing as a newsletter like this.

WH: The September 2003 newsletter, and the sport itself, has a healthy debate about whether or not to have penalties and referees at highly competitive levels, while hopefully maintaining the "Spirit of the Game." Do you have an opinion on this question?
JK: I don't want to assume that I have a wisdom about this that would be more important than somebody else's wisdom who really has been a part of the development of Ultimate as a serious, organized, official sport, which I guess it clearly is. I understand that Ultimate has its own unique qualities, and somebody could easily use it in all of those competitive ways. And I'm way past the point of being so moralistic as to say, "Oh, you guys are betraying it," or something like that. No, sure, it easily could take several forms. But, but, but that's what our culture does. It always turns everything into vanquished and conqueror. Our culture turns everything into who's winning and who's the best. So it just saddens me to know that this is what our culture always does so much. I wish that more of us could continue to join together and say, "This great culture we live in, with all that technology has brought us, would benefit even more if we could just learn together to share the joy and to shed that joyousness and that way of being loving and accepting." To say, "I'm not attached to whether we won or lost. What engaged me was that ultimate feeling of flying in the air, the grace of it." It's a different value than what we usually talk about, but it's such an important value.

WH: What would you say to Joel Silver?
JK: Joel! I want to meet you sometime! [hearty laughter]
Copyright 2003 Do not reprint without permission from author. (


Author's additional thoughts dated 7/21/13:
Since the publication of this article a lot more research has been done about the invention of ultimate, and there remains controversy and doubt around two important aspects of the history of the birth of ultimate.

1) Joel Silver heard about this interview and later, when he supported the production "Ultimate, The First Four Decades" by Pasquale Anthony Leonardo and Adam Zagoria, Mr. Silver vehemently objected to what he thought was Jared Kass' claim to have named the sport of ultimate. Joel Silver, in my interview with him, talks about how the name came to be, and seems to have no memory (he certainly did not mention any such memory) of Jared Kass using the word ultimate a either an adjective or a title for the game he showed them at Northfield Mount Hermon camp in the summer of 1968.
Mr. Kass simply stood by his memories from Amherst and the camp, and upon hearing Joel Silver's objection, said (I paraphrase) "I make no claim to have named the sport, I do remember clearly describing it as the ultimate." And so, maybe they are both right Joel Silver, what do you think? Maybe Jared Kass did describe the game this way, and only ever used the word ultimate as an adjective and, as he says in the interview, as a way to peak interest in the game with his campers. Perhaps Joel Silver heard that but forgot about it, and later, with Jon Hines and Buzzy Hellring Jr., named the sport "Ultimate" entirely unrelated to Jared Kass' earlier use of the word.

2) Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is the question of what the Frisbee game consisted of when Kass taught it to Joel Silver at summer camp in 1968. As far as I can tell, the most fundamental rules of Ultimate were in place when Joel Silver learned the game from Jared Kass: you had to stop running when you caught the Frisbee, play continued until someone caught the Frisbee in the end zone, a dropped or knocked down pass was a turnover (not a live disc) it was non-contact, such that you would get the Frisbee back if the opponent hit your body and caused the Frisbee to drop during play, and the whole idea was to have fun and play by the rules and not try to catch people in a violation.
Based on this version of events, here is how I would describe how Ultimate came to be: The sport was conceived at Amherst, its DNA more or less complete, gestated at Northfield Mount Hermon, and birthed at Columbia High School. From this point of view, it seems accurate to say that the "Amherst Group" invented ultimate. Willie Herndon. 7/21/13

 Topic: (Ultiapps) USAU - Score Reporter
(Ultiapps) USAU - Score Reporter [message #132989] Tue, 23 July 2013 10:50
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We've gone and mirroed the usau score reporter and switched around the interface a bit:

You can still find all of our coverage on u23s at
 Topic: Sanctioned Open/Mixed Club Tournament in PA
Sanctioned Open/Mixed Club Tournament in PA [message #132981] Tue, 23 July 2013 07:48
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The Heva Havas and the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA) will be holding a USAU Sanctioned Mixed/Open club tournament. 10 teams being accepted for each division. The tournament will be August 24th and 25th in Oaks, PA.

Below is the link to the Mixed Score Reporter Page:

Below is the link to the Open Score Reporter Page:

Please visit the website provided within the score reporter listings to submit a bid and please email
with any questions.

-Sean Johnston
 Topic: Alabama Ultimate Presents - Gulf Coast Warmup 2013
Alabama Ultimate Presents - Gulf Coast Warmup 2013 [message #132965] Mon, 22 July 2013 14:15
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Alabama Ultimate would like to invite you to our fall tournament Gulf Coast Warmup 2013
Bid: $125 for one team or $200 for two
Date: October 12-13 Tuscaloosa, AL at the University of Alabama Rec Fields

We have spots for 16 teams so come full squad, split squad, A+B, all rookie, whatever. For $125 you'll get water at the fields, lined fields, trainers with golf carts to keep you alive, breakfast food, pylons (since we all know pylons are cooler than cones), and the beautiful weather Tuscaloosa has to offer in the fall. This tournament will be unsanctioned because what is the point of sanctioned tournaments in the fall except for USAU collecting $12 from all of your rookies who attend?

Our goal with Gulf Coast Warmup 2013 is to provide a cheap tournament for teams to bring their new/young players to and introduce them to the world of ultimate.

Fill out the form linked below to submit a bid for Gulf Coast Warmup 2013 and email Craig ( if you have any questions.


Bid submission form
 Topic: Poultry Days Night Game [Video]
Poultry Days Night Game [Video] [message #132941] Mon, 22 July 2013 05:39
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Location: United States
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Thanks to everyone that tried our fiber optic vests for the night game at Poultry Days or stopped by to see us at the Noxgear booth. Check out the video at the link below: s-ultimate-tournament-2013

- Tom
 Topic: Fall Easterns - 2013
Fall Easterns - 2013 [message #132925] Sun, 21 July 2013 11:15
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Location: Wimington, NC
Fall Easterns will be held on November 2nd and 3rd in Wilmington, NC. 10 teams will be accepted for what will certainly be one of the most competitive Fall College Open events of the year. Teams admitted so far are UNCW, Michigan and defending Fall Easterns champs UNC. More info and website info will be available soon.

If your team is interested in attending Fall Easterns, email
 Topic: Ultiworld Livestreaming At Terminus
Ultiworld Livestreaming At Terminus [message #132858] Fri, 19 July 2013 21:34
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Ultiworld is streaming seven games LIVE from USAU's Pro-Elite Challenge at Terminus. You can get all the games (with archives included) for just $10.

Get the details and the schedule here: ming-from-pro-elite-challenge-at-terminus/
 Topic: NC Club Open Sectionals
NC Club Open Sectionals [message #132813] Thu, 18 July 2013 05:11
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Sectionals is around the corner and we have gotten a field site. We will be playing at the NC State Intramural fields in Raleigh, NC. We will also be playing the weekend of September 7th and 8th. If you plan on attending please let me know so I can start finalizing some more details at winky702 at hotmail dot com. More details will also be available on score reporter as they are finalized.

NC Club Open Sectional Coordinator
 Topic: Jersey Retrieval Assistance.
Jersey Retrieval Assistance. [message #132666] Mon, 15 July 2013 12:21
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Hey Ultimate community,

I know this is not the most noble of posts, but I would love some help in retrieving a jersey that was taken from me at the SandBlast Tourney Part at Joe's Sports bar in Chicago. I fully admit that it is my fault that it was not on my body, but as I was being removed from the tourney party by security I dropped it and the jersey was not returned to me, nor were any my team members able to find it. It is a multi-colored blue and white Liquid Hustle jersey, number 45.

If you see this jersey at any tourney in the Mid-west area please let me know. I can be contacted at 317-409-5502, or email me adamwagner1980 at yahoo dot com. Any help is appreciated as these are very expensive jerseys.

 Topic: First Shots Tournament - July 27-28 - Last day to register
First Shots Tournament - July 27-28 - Last day to register [message #132649] Mon, 15 July 2013 07:18
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Location: Charleston, SC
Hey Everyone,

If you're looking for a late July tournament to be a part of, look no further. It's the last day to register for First Shots - Brunswick, GA - July 27-28.

USAUltimate Sanctioned
Select Flight Series

Cash/Prizes for winning teams

Part of the SAVAGE Summer Series to register your team or email for more information.

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
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 Topic: WFDF fundraiser for video effort
WFDF fundraiser for video effort [message #132622] Sun, 14 July 2013 05:34
Lance Marput
Messages: 992
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Location: Columbia Missouri
Senior Member he-world-games-2013

Check it out...cough up a few $$ for your sport.

Peter Mc
 Topic: Ultimate Disc Store is now Disc Store
Ultimate Disc Store is now Disc Store [message #132593] Fri, 12 July 2013 17:41
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UDS has changed names to Disc Store, and below is our official press release. We're also giving away 100 items over 10 days on our Facebook page to celebrate. Today's items are Disc Store 25 oz. glass mugs.


Ultimate Disc Store Changes Name, Keeps Dedication to Service

July 11, 2013

Ultimate Disc Store has acquired the web domain and has changed their name to Disc Store.

The change was made to a shorter name to make it easier to say, spell, and find online as Ultimate continues to grow at an incredible rate.

"Ultimate has 5 million players in the USA and another 2 million globally," said Chris Whirrett, President and CEO of Disc Store. "It's important for us to have a recognizable name as we work to grow our business and the sport that we love."

Disc Store was started in 2008 by Whirrett and has grown to eight employees serving thousands. "We're still exactly the same company with the same dedication to bringing our customers awesome Ultimate products they love at the lowest prices with the best service," said Whirrett.

To celebrate the launch Disc Store will be giving away 100 items to 100 winners on their Facebook page. Items will include water jugs, decals, bottle openers, beverage coolers, hats, discs, and other prizes. In addition to offering a greater selection of merchandise, Disc Store also offers custom jerseys for teams and leagues. They offer high quality material with in-house printing at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Disc Store is prepared to meet the needs of experienced Ultimate players as well as beginners looking to get in to the sport as Ultimate continues to grow exponentially.

Whirrett added, "And if you're attached to the old name,, all of the old links will still work."


To learn more about Disc Store or disc sports, please contact
4507 S. 119th Cir, Omaha, NE 68137
 Topic: Hucks on the Hocking
Hucks on the Hocking [message #132529] Wed, 10 July 2013 13:22
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Location: Athens
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Announcing "Hucks on the Hocking", a Halloween-themed tournament hosted by Ohio University. Located in scenic Athens, Ohio University is known for its Halloween block party. We are looking to take 8 open teams and 8 women's teams. Split squads may be accepted depending on the number of bids we receive, but we would like to have representation from as many schools as possible. The dates for this tournament are October 26th and 27th. Playing in HOTH includes an awesome tournament, one of the best block parties in the country, and for the winners, a trophy and champagne.
We are still working out bid fees and such, but open teams should contact and women's teams should contact Hope to see all of you guys in Athens in a few months!
 Topic: Charity Ultimate Hat Tournament, Bethlehem PA, 8/17
icon14.gif  Charity Ultimate Hat Tournament, Bethlehem PA, 8/17 [message #132521] Wed, 10 July 2013 04:35
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Hey everyone!

I'll be hosting a charity hat tournament at Bicentennial Park in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday, August 17th. Proceeds will go to Direct Relief International to help fund disaster relief in response to the tornado in Oklahoma on Monday 5/20.

Registration is $30, but you'll get a day of ultimate, food, and a jersey!
Prizes for MVPs and winners of minigames from FlashFlight and 5Ultimate!

Full details and registration are on the event website:

Join the Facebook event for updates:

Let me know if you have any questions (email! Thanks!

Tournament Director
 Topic: Red White & Blue SALE - 25% off SAVAGE online store
Red White & Blue SALE - 25% off SAVAGE online store [message #132377] Thu, 04 July 2013 10:18
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Happy Birthday America! SAVAGE is offering 25% off your entire online store purchase. All Pro Line jerseys and shorts are 100% made in the USA.

Valid from 7/4-7/7/13

Thanks for being awesome USA!

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
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 Topic: Players needed for MARS 2013!!!
Players needed for MARS 2013!!! [message #132332] Wed, 03 July 2013 07:39
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After suffering some recent injuries and work conflicts my Mars team, Off Constantly is in dire need of male and female players. All skill levels are welcome to join. The tournament is near Pittsburgh, PA and our games start Friday July 5 at 10:00am. Camping, beer and ultimate, nothing better! Please email me at

Or call 804-577-7138
 Topic: SAVAGEwomen survey ($5 off online purchase)
SAVAGEwomen survey ($5 off online purchase) [message #132309] Tue, 02 July 2013 11:40
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Location: Charleston, SC
LADIES! SAVAGE wants to create products that fit your needs, fit your body, are comfortable, and help you to dominate in the sport that we all love. Because we care what you think and how you feel we want you to take our survey and you will receive $5 off of your next online store purchase!

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
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 Topic: Hat Tournament: Cumberland, Maine
Hat Tournament: Cumberland, Maine [message #132305] Tue, 02 July 2013 06:07
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Join us Saturday, July 13, 2013 at the Cumberland Fairgrounds for the second annual Maine Ultimate Summer Hat Tourney! Proceeds to benefit Rising Tide and Neap Tide, our U-19 and U-16 youth club teams, which will be traveling to the National Youth Club Championships (YCCs) in Minnesota in August.

Players will be randomly placed on a team for the day. Coed, adult format (high school players welcome).

Cost: $20 for members of USA Ultimate. Non-members need to join USA Ultimate or pay a One-Time Event Fee (see instructions at link below). Every player gets a t-shirt, BBQ, access to a certified trainer and great competition on LINED FIELDS! The winning team receives sublimated Rising Tide team jerseys from Breakmark!

Register here:
 Topic: Fundraiser for US Open
Fundraiser for US Open [message #132297] Tue, 02 July 2013 00:10
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Hey Ultimate Lovers,

I haven't posted in quite awhile but some of you may know me. My name is David Bequette and I am from Minneapolis, MN. I have been playing Ultimate for a long time now, captained three years in college, all region team in 2008, club nationals 4 times.

Now I have turned to broadcasting and being a Color Analyst, I have done a few UXTV games for the AUDL and I am the announcer for the MN Wind Chill as well.

I was invited by Ultiworld to do some Color Commentary this weekend for the US Open and right now I just can't afford to make it on my own, so I am trying to raise the funds to get me there so I can continue my dream of becoming a professional broadcaster. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I understand Ultimate people aren't the most well off in the world but any little bit helps.

Check out my fundraiser at the above link, I would greatly appreciate any support.

Thank you everyone!

David ' Becky '
 Topic: Announcing the 2013 Darkside Scholarship Recipients
Announcing the 2013 Darkside Scholarship Recipients [message #132282] Mon, 01 July 2013 07:54
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One returner stood above the rest in dedication, off-the-field improvement, extra-running after every practice, leading others in said running/extra work. A student of the game always looking to learn more about his opponents and then determining how to completely shut them down. A positive guy who lets his actions on the field take precedence over talk. Charlie Shaffner is the 2013 Winner of the Returner Scholarship.

The rookie race was much tighter. There were cases presented among the leadership, past and present, for everyone. Most dedicated on and off the field, most positive presence, biggest desire to improve, results from improving, and more. However, we've decided to once again split the $1,000 pot to two recipients. Dain Nielsen and Aaron Warshauer have been voted to receive the 2013 Rookie Scholarship 50/50.

Incoming freshmen (or rising high school seniors) interested in applying for our scholarship, please contact us at -- we are eager for the future and hope you'll join us.

--Justin Moore, #11
 Topic: Monday, something light
Monday, something light [message #132279] Mon, 01 July 2013 06:45
Lance Marput
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Senior Member letter-sports-leagues-obamacare.php?ref=fpb

Peter McCarthy
 Topic: suggestion for tournament organizers - Sunday forfeits
suggestion for tournament organizers - Sunday forfeits [message #132278] Mon, 01 July 2013 06:10
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It seems like teams forfeiting games on Sunday after losing in bracket play is a recurring problem. My friend proposed that tournaments should hold a "Sunday deposit" for every team (similar to deposits for field cleanliness that many tournaments have).

Each team would be required to pay 50ish dollars up front and would then be able to reclaim that money when their team has completed their assigned games. If that team bails early. The money goes to their opponent who was deprived of the game. This would help compensate teams that want to keep playing Sunday, but are deprived that chance by their opponent bailing early. Sure it's not the game you were looking for, but it's a nice case of beer for your next practice or a chunk off your next tourney fee.

My team had the case at Boston where we were forfeit to with two rounds left, but did not want to wait around 2 hours and then play a later game. In that case we would have broken even, getting money for our W-F, but then giving up our deposit for our L-F.

In the case that both teams agree to leave early and not play the game, the money would go to the volunteers of the tournament.

I recognize that there are problems if a team leaves with more than one round left, but I'm sure someone could figure out an appropriate prorating system.

- Keg
 Topic: Top 10 AUDL Plays | Week 11
icon14.gif  Top 10 AUDL Plays | Week 11 [message #132249] Fri, 28 June 2013 16:18
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Video Link:
 Topic: LA club teams
LA club teams [message #132247] Fri, 28 June 2013 09:25
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I travel to LA for work every week and I was hoping to play some ultimate while I am out there. I have gone to a local pickup game a couple times but with the club season getting started I would like to start playing at a higher level than just regular pickup. So if you are an open or mixed club team in the LA area, have practice on M-T-W nights, and could use an extra practice player, feel free to drop me a line. I'll do my best to consistently attend and I can be as involved or uninvolved as you want me to be (ie, just show up in time for scrimmage, or attend entire practices). My team for the series is not in the region so you don't have to worry about stolen plays or any of that fun stuff. I just want a way to stay sharp between my weekend practices at home.

Email me if you think I can help out:
allday06182011 at gmail

 Topic: Open Tourney Announcement: August 31 - Portland, ME
Open Tourney Announcement: August 31 - Portland, ME [message #132220] Thu, 27 June 2013 08:10
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2 day open tournament in Portland Maine two weeks before the start of the series!

When: Aug 31-Sep 1

Amenities: Sanctioned event, lined fields, trainer, water and food

Cost: $325

If interested or for more info, please e-mail

 Topic: LA Pork Needs more men!
LA Pork Needs more men! [message #132207] Wed, 26 June 2013 23:01
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We practice twice weekly: Thursdays from 8-10 pm in north hollywood park. Corner of tujunga and magnolia. between the softball fields. Sundays we practice at Lindberg park in culver city from 9-11 am. No one else is out there so we always have room for a field. Its a beautiful place to play some flat-ball. Our next tournament will be 72 and sunny in long beach (not too far! so no need for hotels) august 10th and 11th. Likely followed by sectionals in september, and hopefully regionals!
Email for more info!
 Topic: 1,000 Subscribers for 25 Ultimate Tips
1,000 Subscribers for 25 Ultimate Tips [message #132141] Tue, 25 June 2013 12:38
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As of this moment there are now exactly 1000 subscribers to 25 Ultimate Tips. If you're not one of them, why not? 25 Ultimate Tips is completely free!

Many tips are about fitness, applicable to players of all levels. Also some throwing, coaching, and tactics tips from some of the top players in the game.

Check it out! You can unsubscribe any time if it's not what you're looking for.
 Topic: 1 day Open Tournament: 7/21 in Indianapolis
1 day Open Tournament: 7/21 in Indianapolis [message #132140] Tue, 25 June 2013 11:58
Jared Payne
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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Indy Brickyard & INfamous are hosting a 1 day Open tournament on Sunday July 21st in Indianapolis, IN. We have field space for a large number of teams so the format will be determined after bids are finalized, but each team will get a minimum of 3 games. Bids are $140

Contact jaredtpayne at gmail dot com if your team is interested
 Topic: SAVAGEultimate Club Sponsorships
SAVAGEultimate Club Sponsorships [message #132039] Thu, 20 June 2013 11:48
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Location: Charleston, SC
SAVAGE is announcing a final round of 10 Club Sponsorships for the 2013 season! If selected your team will receive 10% OFF all team gear!

E-mail and tell us why you're team deserves on of these 10 sponsorships. Include team history, tournaments scheduled, how you would represent SAVAGE well, etc.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 28th!

Good luck!

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
Website | Facebook | Twitter

 Topic: UCF Nationals Highlight Vid 2013
UCF Nationals Highlight Vid 2013 [message #132001] Tue, 18 June 2013 18:25
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Hope you guys like it.

and Congrats to Pitt for making it two in a row!
we'll be comin for ya next year!
 Topic: Chowdafest - August 24-25, Seekonk, MA
Chowdafest - August 24-25, Seekonk, MA [message #131993] Tue, 18 June 2013 12:03
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USAU sanctioned SELECT tourney. 12 mixed teams. Priority will be given to elite and select teams, as well as those who will be highly competitive.

We will provide water, gatorade, pb&j, and dinner at the fields.

$400/team, send me an email ( to express interest.

 Topic: NexGen Ultimate Tour vs Revolver tonight @ 7:30pm
NexGen Ultimate Tour vs Revolver tonight @ 7:30pm [message #131988] Tue, 18 June 2013 11:11
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The NexGen Ultimate Tour begins tonight LIVE on NGN. Get you subscriptions now. Only $25 for a month of the best ultimate in North America. 13 games.

NexGen Ultimate Tour
 Topic: San Diego Summer League
San Diego Summer League [message #131935] Fri, 14 June 2013 14:00
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I know it's short notice but I wanted to remind everyone that San Diego Summer league DUDE is happening again this year.

For everyone that hasn't played before it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet people in San Diego. Each player is guaranteed a disc, jersey, BBQ, and at least 13 games for only $60! It's always a blast and I hope that if you're in San Diego you sign up.

You can register here: ue/registration

Hope to see you out there.
 Topic: $5 SAVAGE Cirrus Jerseys Sale - TODAY ONLY
$5 SAVAGE Cirrus Jerseys Sale - TODAY ONLY [message #131922] Thu, 13 June 2013 09:34
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Location: Charleston, SC
Mystery spot sublimated SAVAGE Cirrus jerseys are on sale for $5 today. Add numbers to the back for only $5. Help us finish our spring cleaning and make room for new Semi Pro jerseys. .htm

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
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 Topic: Saturday night is Dogfish Fan Appreciation Night!
Saturday night is Dogfish Fan Appreciation Night! [message #131921] Thu, 13 June 2013 08:16
SF Dogfish
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Hey Dogfish fans,

Our last regular season home game is this Saturday night at 7pm at Kezar Stadium, where the Dogfish will be battling the Seattle Rainmakers for first place in the Western Conference! As a thank you for your support this season, we are proud to present DOGFISH FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Every kid (under 18) that shows up to the game gets a free Dogfish Sticker!

Prizes will be raffled off throughout the game!
- Season Ticket Holders get 5 free raffle tickets
- The first 100 fans in the door get 3 free raffle tickets
- The second 100 fans get 2 free raffle tickets
- The third 100 fans get 1 free raffle ticket
- 1 free raffle ticket for each $10 spent on merchandise
- Disc Toss Special: $5 for 7 mini discs and 2 raffle tickets
- Prizes include signed Dogfish posters, Official Dogfish discs, Dogfish T-shirts, participation in our Dogfish Fan Mini-Olympiad Halftime Competition, and more!

7 On The Line Package!
Round up 6 other friends and buy your 7-pack of tickets. Each person gets 3 Dogfish Dollars to use for concessions or merchandise purchases! This is a limited time offer valid until Friday only, so get your 7 On The Line Package today! (Discount codes are valid for the 7-packs)

Tickets can be purchased here and join the event on Facebook here!

We'll be using the west entrance to Kezar (opposite side from the parking lot), and make sure to show up early to get your raffle tickets. Pregame festivities and the first raffle drawing will happen before 7pm with the first pull going up at 7pm sharp!

Thanks again for your support and see you on Saturday night at Kezar!

[Updated on: Thu, 13 June 2013 08:32] by Moderator

 Topic: Kleinman Eruption Bids are now OPEN
Kleinman Eruption Bids are now OPEN [message #131902] Wed, 12 June 2013 10:53
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Hi All,

Your favorite NW mixed tournament is returning for it's umpteenth year in beautiful Portland, OR on Aug 3-4, 2013. Great fields, showcase games and onsite catered food/kegs to satisfy your guiltiest of pleasures.
The A division will be sanctioned as a Classic Event.

More information and registration link can be found here: an-eruption

TD's Mark and Liz
 Topic: GRUB 2013, July 20-21
GRUB 2013, July 20-21 [message #131892] Tue, 11 June 2013 14:58
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The 22nd annual Grass Roots Ultimate Benefit (GRUB)tournament will take place in Boulder Colorado July 20-21,2013.

There is room to expand the A-div to accommodate more teams.

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