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 Topic: Michigan's Yonatan Rafael for Callahan
Michigan's Yonatan Rafael for Callahan [message #140317] Sun, 06 April 2014 19:35
Messages: 2
Registered: March 2012
Junior Member
 Topic: Christian Nimis Memorial Hat Tournament May 3
Christian Nimis Memorial Hat Tournament May 3 [message #140297] Sun, 06 April 2014 08:35
Messages: 1
Registered: November 2010
Junior Member
Hello players of Ultimate:

We, Tallahassee Ultimate, along with the Nimis family are hosting a hat tournament in Tallahassee, FL on May 3.

Proceeds go towards promoting youth ultimate in honor of their son, the late Christian Nimis. Hope you'll join us! This is a sweet event where the Nimis family has provided lots of food and prizes in the past and we hope to have some games set up as well.

Limited number of shirts are available on first come first served basis.
 Topic: Beth Coltman Memorial Tournament 4/26-27 still spots left!
Beth Coltman Memorial Tournament 4/26-27 still spots left! [message #140280] Thu, 03 April 2014 14:38
Messages: 15
Registered: April 2010
Junior Member
The 13th Beth Coltman Memorial Tournament will be held, as always, at beautiful Cape Henelopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware. Spots available in elite mixed, mixed, open and women's divisions.

Competitive ultimate and good times at the beach!

For details, visit, or e-mail Clayton at
 Topic: Josh Klane
Josh Klane [message #140259] Tue, 01 April 2014 20:00
Messages: 1
Registered: April 2014
Location: minnesota
Junior Member
The Grey Duck boys at Minnesota have pumped out another video:
 Topic: Ride to Fools
Ride to Fools [message #140208] Sun, 30 March 2014 10:16
Messages: 108
Registered: October 2008
Senior Member

I'm looking to get a ride to Fools Fest next week, leaving on friday after work from the Philadelphia area. If you have a spot in your car and you are leaving from Philly or driving through, shoot me an email. Thanks.
 Topic: need a few guys for Fools Fest
need a few guys for Fools Fest [message #140195] Fri, 28 March 2014 12:25
Messages: 1
Registered: March 2014
Junior Member
Hey all, our open (alumni/reunion + miscellaneous) team is a little short on bodies and could use a few more guys for Fools Fest next weekend(4/4-4/6), ESPECIALLY on Friday.

Let me know if you're interested/available.
 Topic: Jughandle 2014 Tryouts
Jughandle 2014 Tryouts [message #140170] Thu, 27 March 2014 16:08
Messages: 109
Registered: April 2011
Location: Mercer County New Jersey
Senior Member
Jughandle is looking for high level tryouts that are fun and highly spirited for the 2014 season.

Last year we finished 4th at mixed club regionals, and are looking for players that can help us improve even further as a team.

We will have an optional workout and scrimmage April 27th, will be holding open tryouts Sunday May 4th and Saturday May 10th in West Windsor, NJ and attending Bell Crack as a tryout tournament. If interested in trying out, please email us at

Jughandle 2008-2013 (
Retired, but writing on behalf of the captains)
 Topic: Cahoots Tryouts, Asheville Mixed
Cahoots Tryouts, Asheville Mixed [message #140166] Thu, 27 March 2014 13:11
Messages: 17
Registered: November 2012
Location: Asheville
Junior Member
Cahoots is a competitive Mixed team, arriving at its 4th year of existence, that qualified for the Elite Flight of the USAU TCT in 2013. While based in Asheville, NC the roster has hailed from across the Southeast Region in years past. Do you want to compete at the highest level of Mixed Ultimate? Are you willing to do what it takes to make the team better and stronger? Do you confuse owls with bats? If so, consider meeting the flock at the tryout dates below and use this link to let us know you're coming. FCStnhwf819lmQVE/viewform

Dates and Times:
Saturday, May 3, 2pm-5pm
Sunday, May 4, 10am-1pm
Saturday, May 17, 2pm-5pm
Sunday, May 18, 10am-1pm

Asheville Middle School
197 S French Broad Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
The field is behind the Middle School

 Topic: Lions Tryouts 2014 (Boston)
Lions Tryouts 2014 (Boston) [message #140157] Thu, 27 March 2014 11:16
Messages: 4
Registered: March 2010
Junior Member
The Lions are a mixed club team out of Boston entering our fourth season as a team. We're holding open tryouts as we look for talented players to help us build on our recent success competing with the top teams in the Northeast and beyond.

If you think you'd be interested in being part of a highly competitive and close-knit team, follow the link below to our website to find out a bit more about the team and to sign up to receive information about our upcoming tryouts.

If you have any questions about the team or tryouts, you can direct them to

Lions Ultimate Captains
Adam Johnston | Meredith Duffy | Mandy Eckhoff | John Sullivan | Chris Zybert
 Topic: 2014 Callahan Award -- Nominate A Teammate
2014 Callahan Award -- Nominate A Teammate [message #140087] Tue, 25 March 2014 06:33
Messages: 281
Registered: January 2009
Location: Raleigh, NC
Senior Member
The 2014 Callahan Award is accepting team nominations until April 1st.

Virtually every college team has a player that is "Callahan-worthy". Honor one of your teammates by asking your team captains to nominate a player for this year's Callahan Award.

The Callahan was first presented in 1996 and this is it's 19th year. Keep the tradition strong -- make sure your team nominates a player!

Go to:

and click on the top right-hand menu for more information on the Callahan and the nomination process.

Each year only two players win the Callahan, but hundreds should be honored for their sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the sport: nominate a player from your team.

- Charles
 Topic: Rides to Fools Fest (VA)
Rides to Fools Fest (VA) [message #140064] Mon, 24 March 2014 12:30
Ryan Delaney
Messages: 164
Registered: February 2010
Senior Member
Anyone traveling from Upstate New York area with space in their car?

Albany area would be perfect, but anywhere would probably suffice.

While I'm at it, I know lots of pretty ladies looking for rides from the NYC area too.

These people are all willing to split driving and gas money.

If you know of anything please email me at RyanDelaney8 (at) gmail (dot) com
 Topic: Indianapolis Brickyard 2014
Indianapolis Brickyard 2014 [message #140059] Mon, 24 March 2014 10:45
Jared Payne
Messages: 53
Registered: April 2010
Location: Indianapolis, IN
If you have any level or interest in playing competitive open ultimate with club-nationals caliber players in Central Indiana in 2014 please fill out this survey! hoCYrr2vZBqFJEEc/viewform

We will announce more 2014 details soon, if you have any questions contact indianapolisbrickyard at gmail dot com
 Topic: Exercises to improve cutting mechanics and reduce injury risk
Exercises to improve cutting mechanics and reduce injury risk [message #140057] Mon, 24 March 2014 10:06
Messages: 134
Registered: May 2010
Location: Lancaster PA
Senior Member
Hey gang,
I'm doing a free webinar tomorrow night, Tuesday 8PM Eastern (GMT-4).

The goals is to give coaches and captains a few simple exercises you can do with your teams during practice. They don't take much time but can have a big impact on injury risk reduction and help your athletes improve their agility.

I'll talk a bit about cutting biomechanics, show you video demonstrations of the exercises, and answer any questions you want to ask at the end of the webinar.

It's free and you can register and watch from anywhere in the world! Go here to register:
 Topic: Philadelphia AMP
Philadelphia AMP [message #140055] Mon, 24 March 2014 08:42
Messages: 20
Registered: March 2009
Junior Member
We're recruiting men and women interested in improving as players and working as a team for championships. Email with any questions, or to get involved. AMP's 2014 season starts April 13th with a roundrobin tournament for interested tryouts.
 Topic: Cincinnati Steamboat Tryouts 2014
Cincinnati Steamboat Tryouts 2014 [message #140034] Sun, 23 March 2014 21:11
Messages: 2
Registered: March 2014
Junior Member
The Steamboat captains are proud to announce the tryout dates for the 2014 season. There are currently three days of tryouts scheduled.

Friday, April 11th from 7-9 at Lockland High School (124 Anna St Lockland, OH 45215)
Sunday, April 13th from 4:30-7:30 at Clear Creek Park ( 6200 Batavia Rd, Newtown, OH 45244)
Monday, April 21 from 7-9 at Lockland High School (124 Anna St Lockland, OH 45215)

We also ask that anybody interested in trying out for the team this year to fill out the registration form ( 0bY0J0FO_WWeCs9E/viewform).

If you cannot attend any of the 3 dates but are interested in trying out for the team, please still fill out the form and simply note that in the comments. We are currently aware of a conflict that many college players have due to Conferences/Sectionals. We are looking into solutions for players who are unable to attend for this or other reasons and will let interested parties know how we plan to give these players a proper tryout period.

Please contact us if you have any questions:
-Jason, Joe, and Jen; Steamboat Captains 2014
 Topic: Journeymen 2014
Journeymen 2014 [message #140020] Sun, 23 March 2014 01:22
Messages: 22
Registered: December 2008
Junior Member
Hey there, hungry-to-play Ultimate Bay Area Athletes,

2014 is Journeymen's 10th season and if you have a strong desire and ability to play Ultimate and compete against many of the best Ultimate players and teams in the country there is still an opportunity to try out for he longest-standing Men's club team in the Bay Area. Ability, desire and attitude are more important than age or gender on our team, if you are a high school player, lady or a start up and think you have the wherewithal compete you are welcome to tryout.

Journeymen is consistently the most eclectic team at any given tournament. The cadre of Past, Present and Future Journeymen include multiple National Champions, Callahan nominees and MLU/Audl team members. We are a spirited, fun team to play with and our character reflects a commitment to synergy and innovative thinking on and off the field. Creative input from all members is encouraged. And as our 10-year history as Journeymen has shown, when these elements merge, we are capable of consistent high level play. We play 4-6 tourneys a year, including Sections and Regions.

Journeymen has been the home to a special breed of like minded players since the teams inception as Bushmasters in 1998.
 Topic: Safari Ultimate 2014: Tryout Announcement
Safari Ultimate 2014: Tryout Announcement [message #140012] Fri, 21 March 2014 12:40
Messages: 5
Registered: March 2013
Junior Member
Safari is an elite women's club team based in San Diego, California. We remain one of the most united and longest lasting teams in the history of ultimate. In the past, we have qualified for Nationals and are expecting to return to the show this year in full force.

We're gearing up for our 28th season together and we'd like to invite YOU to sign up if you're interested - via the SAFARI 2014 Interested Tryout Form. We'll be sending you updated information on pre-season track work outs, women's pick up, women's goalty and other information that you might find useful to get ready for the club season.

Current known tryout dates are:

SAT 4/26/14, Open Tryouts, San Diego, Dusty Rhodes, 1 - 4 p.m.
SUN 4/27/14, Open Tryouts, San Diego, Dusty Rhodes, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
SAT 5/3/14, Open Tryouts, Irvine, Heritage Park, 1 - 4 p.m.
SUN 5/4/14, Open Tryouts, Irvine, Heritage Park, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
SAT 5/17/14, Invite Tryouts, San Diego, Dusty Rhodes, 1 - 4 p.m.
SUN 5/18/14, Invite Tryouts, San Diego, Dusty Rhodes, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Please fill out the corresponding registration form on our website if you're interested in attending at We look forward to hearing from you!

Safari Leadership 2014
 Topic: Beach Ultimate
Beach Ultimate [message #140011] Fri, 21 March 2014 11:10
Messages: 194
Registered: October 2008
Senior Member
Announcing the 2nd annual Buckroe Beach Bash, mixed 4v4 beach Ultimate on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Find out all the details here:
 Topic: Mischief 2014 Tryout Information
Mischief 2014 Tryout Information [message #139981] Thu, 20 March 2014 15:16
Messages: 7
Registered: April 2012
Location: Bay Area, CA
Junior Member
Mischief would like to announce our open tryouts for the upcoming 2014 frisbee season. We are a San Francisco Bay Area based Coed team now in our 12th year of existence. We expect to put together another great team that will have fun and make some noise at Nationals, as in years past. We want to add some strong players who are willing to work hard, looking to improve, and want to have fun with us as we battle against the nation's best. Last year we were US Open finalists, ECC Champions, reached quarterfinals at Nationals, and now we are hungry for more. Do you want to compete against the top competition in the nation? Do you want to battle for prize money in the Triple Crown Tour? With trips to Nationals in 7 out of the last 9 years, including a National Championship, we strive to be the best we can be. More information on the team is available on our website --

Our open tryouts will be as follows:

April 12 1-5pm Open tryout in South Bay, followed by cheering our teammates at the AUDL Spiders game!
April 19 2-6pm Round Robin tournament
April 27 2-6 pm in San Francisco

Please fill out our form to express your interest in trying out for the team:

If you have any other questions about the team or tryouts, can't make those dates, or would like to explain your unique situation please feel free to email us at mischieftryouts at gmail dot com (

- Mischief 2014 Tryout Committee
 Topic: Medicine Men Ultimate 2014
Medicine Men Ultimate 2014 [message #139917] Tue, 18 March 2014 13:27
Messages: 2
Registered: March 2009
Junior Member
Medicine Men will be returning for our 15th season of competitive open ultimate in the Baltimore/DC area. We look to continue our tradition of hard work and commitment to building a strong team while providing a great environment to learn how to play club ultimate.

We will have open practices starting on weekends in May, with the location split between the Baltimore and DC beltway areas. More formal tryouts will be held in June, but we have plenty of logistics to work out.

If you're interested in getting more information about the 2014 practice and tryout schedule, please send an email to so we can add you to our contact list.

See you on the field!

Medicine Men
 Topic: The Onion Salutes Ultimate, Sort Of..
The Onion Salutes Ultimate, Sort Of.. [message #139728] Tue, 11 March 2014 15:05
Messages: 19
Registered: September 2008
Junior Member student-might-actually,35488/


When I was younger and faster, I would have dropped that.
 Topic: C-ya at reddit!!!!
C-ya at reddit!!!! [message #139708] Mon, 10 March 2014 11:09
anakin gerics
Messages: 1362
Registered: November 2009
Senior Member
thanks....c-ya at reddit!
 Topic: Capitol Punishment Mixer!!!
Capitol Punishment Mixer!!! [message #139697] Mon, 10 March 2014 02:02
Messages: 1
Registered: March 2014
Junior Member
Spring is almost here and Capitol Punishment is kicking off the club Ultimate season with a mixer on Sunday, March 16 from 11 AM to 2 PM at Bryte Park in West Sacramento. Come meet fellow Ultimate players from around the area, find out more about playing club Ultimate, participate in some drills and scrimmages, and stick around for a team picnic at the end (bring a few dollars to cover the cost of food). All players are welcome to attend. Just bring your cleats, a light and dark shirt, a willingness to learn new skills, and a love of chasing plastic discs.

If you cannot attend the mixer but are interested in playing club Ultimate this summer, we will have two more open practices on March 23 and March 30, also at Bryte Park from 11-2. If you have any questions, you can contact us at
 Topic: quote from r/sd
quote from r/sd [message #139621] Thu, 06 March 2014 14:56
anakin gerics
Messages: 1362
Registered: November 2009
Senior Member
here's something else from reddit/sd that i found....

When I post information about the tournaments I run , I typically do so via multiple media outlets/sources - Reddit, Twitter and RSD. I also do a lot of emailing. By and large, the most references I see in my weblog stats are from RSD. I check this every year and it's always the case. I don't understand why or how but that's always the case.

---does that quote mean that.....this poster's "weblog stats" show that most of the reads he gets are on rsd......and not on twitter or reddit?

so....rsd's NOT dead?
 Topic: Classic "Above and Beyond" Ultimate videos now on YouTube
Classic "Above and Beyond" Ultimate videos now on YouTube [message #139614] Thu, 06 March 2014 13:41
Messages: 1
Registered: March 2014
Junior Member
 Topic: Polar Bear Tryouts 2014!
Polar Bear Tryouts 2014! [message #139602] Wed, 05 March 2014 21:17
Messages: 3
Registered: March 2010
Junior Member
Polar Bears 2014 tryout schedule is set. We are looking for great talent to join our amazing team as we aim to win a World and National Championship. Email polarbearsrawr (at) gmail (dot) com for more details! RAWR!
 Topic: USA Ultimate Foundation
USA Ultimate Foundation [message #139590] Wed, 05 March 2014 06:24
Lance Marput
Messages: 992
Registered: June 2010
Location: Columbia Missouri
Senior Member ion-of-the-usa-ultimate-foundation/

worth a read,etc.

Peter Mc
Midwest Disc Sports Collection
State Historical Society of Missouri

 Topic: TYUL All Girls Tournament
TYUL All Girls Tournament [message #139528] Mon, 03 March 2014 05:12
mike gerics[1]
Messages: 174
Registered: June 2013
Senior Member
psst....Triangle Area Ultimate......nice work with your Youth program!
it was great to see 3 fields full of young kids out there battling!

Congrats to Saga for winning the event....and for having 2 teams worth of girls shredding.

Cutting Edge.......that team is set to sky-rocket! ...tons of potential and some well spoken, helpful, involved coaches!

Our family had a great time watching 2 full days of ultimate, exploring the woods, throwing rocks into and eating catfish from the Crabtree Creek. yum.

Can't wait for the next Cutting Edge tournament.....and looking forward to trying to get to more practices!
Thanks TYUL!
 Topic: 2013 USA Ultimate Nationals - Highlight Reel
2013 USA Ultimate Nationals - Highlight Reel [message #139503] Sun, 02 March 2014 08:22
Messages: 19
Registered: October 2012
Junior Member a10c0482/media/2Y1RoDZAvPJmxVLkdGGTjCm0qiZcp9IY
 Topic: Win a free bid to the Volcanic Tournament in Costa Rica
Win a free bid to the Volcanic Tournament in Costa Rica [message #139494] Sat, 01 March 2014 12:53
Messages: 75
Registered: January 2013
Location: Charleston, SC
The Ultimate Costa Rican Experience presented by SAVAGE

SAVAGE, the ULTIMATE apparel company is excited to partner with the Costa Rican Volcanic Tournament. SAVAGE is offering 1 grand prize winner a free bid which includes 3 days of ultimate near Arenal Volcano, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, breakfast, SAVAGE jersey, guided rain forest trek, and party. 5 winners will receive a Costa Rica jersey. Check it out! Contest closes March 14, 2014.

Enter the drawing today -

Good luck!

SAVAGE is the Ultimate Apparel Company!
Website | Facebook | Twitter

 Topic: Classic game on youtube
Classic game on youtube [message #139464] Thu, 27 February 2014 19:35
Messages: 1020
Registered: August 2011
Senior Member
Didn't see it mentioned here...Rob (Ultivillage) released the footage of the 2002 semi-final

Greatest game ever ?
 Topic: San Diego Mixed 2014
San Diego Mixed 2014 [message #139436] Wed, 26 February 2014 21:25
Messages: 13
Registered: September 2012
Junior Member
We are announcing a new mixed team captained by Tommy Li, Cody Kirkland, Alexa Kirkland and Pebbles. We think that San Diego ultimate is currently in a great position to make a splash in the mixed division, and we are excited to form this new club team.

If you are interested in playing for us please fill out the form below so we can better keep track of e-mails:

Our team will focus on player improvement, a hardworking atmosphere, and playing the best ultimate we possibly can. Results are not our explicit focus, but we expect results will follow from sticking to our philosophies.

This club is for you if you want to get better, play hard, and play competitively with some great people. On the captains' end, we promise the club will be well-run and well-organized, and that we will be receptive to feedback on issues like practice frequency and team policies.

We will announce an open tryout shortly, so keep your eyes out for an announcement.

Any questions or issues in the meantime? Feel free to send us an email at
 Topic: Get a Disc AND save a drive-in movie theater w/ kickstarter, all for $15--3 days left in campaign! (
Get a Disc AND save a drive-in movie theater w/ kickstarter, all for $15--3 days left in campaign! ( [message #139435] Wed, 26 February 2014 21:15
Garrett Simpson
Messages: 1
Registered: February 2014
Junior Member
Hello hello!

Drive in Movie Theaters all over the world are closing due to the expensive switch from film to digital movie projectors made mandatory by the movie industry.

You have until Sunday, March 2nd to help save one near Dartmouth College if you

1.) back the campaign now
2.) Spread the word! (to anyone who loves drive ins/ and / or / frisbees)

By pledging 15 bucks you'll get a cool frisbee too. lee-drive-in/comments

 Topic: New AUDL post on Bleacher Report
New AUDL post on Bleacher Report [message #139434] Wed, 26 February 2014 20:56
Messages: 207
Registered: September 2008
Senior Member
Not sure if ol' RSD gets much reading these days... but anyway, here goes.

I just put a new piece up on Bleacher Report about one of the newest teams to join the AUDL -- the Salt Lake City Lions.

The link's here, for those of you up for some ultijournalism: audl-team-the-salt-lake-city-lions
 Topic: ATL - USAU Observer Certification Clinic
ATL - USAU Observer Certification Clinic [message #139429] Wed, 26 February 2014 12:31
Messages: 86
Registered: January 2009
Want to be an Observer? USA Ultimate is hosting an Observer clinic at College Terminus in Atlanta this year on March 15-16.

This is a last minute effort to add more observers in the SE region, if you'd like to participate, you need to sign up by Friday, Feb. 28th. Here's the link to register: c_-_terminus/

Bottom line: Pay $25 for training. Get a Disc and a Five Ultimate Observer Jersey. After you pass, get paid to be in the middle of high-level ultimate games. After you observe 5 games, you'll get your money back from USAU.

More details on the clinic:

This two day clinic covers the basic ethics and standards required for USA Ultimate certification. Classroom instruction (Saturday) will cover a history of the Observer Program, Principles of Observing, Game Management Techniques, Observing Systems, Player Misconduct as well as a wide variety of common situations.

After completing the classroom portion of the clinic trainees will work actual games (Sunday) under the supervision of the clinic trainer. This supervised format allows the trainee to get experience and immediate feedback from our instructors. On day two trainees will work games on their own while the instructor evaluates their mechanics and application of information taught in the clinic. Trainees who receive a passing grade will become USA Ultimate Certified Observers and may observer in USA Ultimate sanctioned and series events.

There is a $25 fee for this clinic. All course materials and supplies are provided as well as a USAU disc. Upon certification new observers will be provided with the official Five Ultimate jersey. New observers are eligible for a $25 rebate for working and reporting at least five games after they become certified.

Here's the link to register: c_-_terminus/
 Topic: Follow the FCS on Twitter @FCStourney
Follow the FCS on Twitter @FCStourney [message #139417] Tue, 25 February 2014 10:04
Messages: 144
Registered: April 2009
Senior Member
If you follow the FCS on twitter you already know that a perennial national powerhouse just put a bid in for FCS 2014.

Follow the Furniture City Shootout on twitter to get all the latest details on FCS 2014. @FCStourney
 Topic: 30th Annual Ow My Knee - July 12-13, 2014
30th Annual Ow My Knee - July 12-13, 2014 [message #139382] Mon, 24 February 2014 18:10
Messages: 8
Registered: April 2012
Junior Member
Proud to announce the dates for the 30th Annual Ow My Knee tournament to be hosted at beautiful Maalwyck Park in Scotia, NY.

Dates for Ow My Knee will be the weekend of July 12-13, 2014.

We plan on having 32 Mixed teams and 16 Open Teams.

Since we are celebrating one of the oldest tournaments in the US, we plan on doubling the cash prizes:

$1000 for Mixed Winner
$1000 for Open Winner
$500 for Mixed Chumpionship Winner

Mark your calendars and plan on being there...More details will be posted as plans are finalized.
 Topic: Flatball Radio | Dom Fontenette - "Arker" [Free Preview]
Flatball Radio | Dom Fontenette - "Arker" [Free Preview] [message #139372] Mon, 24 February 2014 07:53
Messages: 5
Registered: October 2013
Junior Member
Dom Fontenette uses humor and poignancy as she tries to reconcile the suicide of her friend and teammate. Check it out here:

Head over to to check out the full story and 6 others!
 Topic: Pioneer Valley Invitational: RFP now online
Pioneer Valley Invitational: RFP now online [message #139321] Fri, 21 February 2014 11:54
Josh Seamon
Messages: 72
Registered: February 2010
The RFP document for the Pioneer Valley Invite is now online.

If you're interested in stepping up to be an event sponsor, please submit your bid by March 4th.

The RFP bid application document is available for download right here.
 Topic: Katfish Corner Blog Entry - Zone Offense
Katfish Corner Blog Entry - Zone Offense [message #139303] Thu, 20 February 2014 14:15
Messages: 70
Registered: April 2011
Please read up, comment and follow. Even if it's just to heckle.
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