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Mike G---banned from Reddit Ultimate for..... [message #141472] Fri, 31 July 2015 13:19 Go to next message
mike gerics[1]
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Registered: June 2013
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The moderators at reddit ultimate banned me for life because they claim i posted "hate speech" to reddit ultimate. However...i can't find anything remotely like that. Can you?

They couldn't after a day, they changed the accusations to "homophobic slurs"....of which there are NONE from me on reddit ultimate. I do admit to calling someone a "fag" here on rsd a million years ago. But on reddit ultimate, i've never remotely said ANYTHING like that.

Do you know what the homophobic slur IS that they were trying to accuse me of? I'll tell you.

reddit ultimate moderator Bill Mill wrote to me and said something along the lines of "enjoy your three day ban. hugs and kisses. llimllib(his backward name)

The moderator....used the homophobic slur....with his condescending unprofessional bullshit ban notification.

Another day later, the moderators notified me that i was banned for using excessive abusive language. BUT...the foul language was in a private email to their jerk moderator who gave me 'hugs and kisses'.

Oh...the "hate speech" was calling them fascist nazi reddit moderators....for deleting a post of mine that had sparked communication and upvotes.

When i found out i was banned for three days, i was in the middle of a great thread, communicating about the AUDL with others who shared the same interest. I utilized an alternate account to say, sorry, i can't answer for a few days because i've been banned for three days.

I didn't try to answer the questions or continue the conversation with the 'alternate account'....i just wanted to say that i couldn't answer for a few days. Because of the use of an alternate account....i'm now banned from all of reddit.

Those moderators are a bunch of jive ass chumps!
Bill Mill from Maine?...that guy is a cake, right!?
jonskylark....that guy can't even pass the observer clinic test! HA!

Who elected those folks to the moderator nazi board?
Do any of ya'll know those unprofessional jerks?

I'll have to post all their notes to me so you can see how big a douches they are.

Hey....FREE MIKE G!!!!!!
Free Mike G!
Free Mike G!

and ditch those dork moderators!

Party on!
Mike G
Re: Mike G---banned from Reddit Ultimate for..... [message #141473 is a reply to message #141472] Sat, 01 August 2015 04:59 Go to previous message
mike gerics[1]
Messages: 174
Registered: June 2013
Senior Member
hey....that guy jomskylark is a liar.

yes, i sent he and his moderator crew A LOT of messages....but NONE were "angry" as he described.

that's just another lie that the moderators of r/ultimate are telling.

my notes to them have simply been ASKING for some evidence of "hate speech" and "homophobic slurs" that they claimed posted. search it up....there was none. They're just some power tripping douche bags making one lie up after another....inventing false accusations that they couldn't support and turning it into 'angry' messages, which were NOT angry.

llimllib, aka bill mill, CURSE AT ME FIRST calling me "bullshit" for posting. he THEN REPLIED "hugs and kisses", which i would call a homophobic slur.. I replied the same thing to him....and HE CALLED it a homophobic slur.

HE, bill mill, from Maine, cast the first stone. He cursed and used abusive language towards ME. and then he homophobic slurred towards me.

both are now posting more lies on reddit to make themselves out to be superior....but they are so full of shit, that their eyes are brown.

hey jomskylark....did you really fail the observer clinic????? that's RICH! ya know what....i wrote that book that you couldn't learn!!!

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