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USAultimate observing question [message #141174] Thu, 11 September 2014 11:29
anakin gerics
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I keep seeing videos posted here on reddit....and of course, i usually check out the observers along with the game action.
Over and over, i see poor 'goal' mechanics by the endzone observer.
The UOA, which features highly trained observers who hustle like crazy, make well educated calls AND have great mechanics, has always been 'criticized' by USAUltimate observer zealots for NOT being trained properly(which is FAR from the truth)........BUT the USAUltimate observers, who 'they' claim are super well educated and receive THE best and most comprehensive training imaginable.....don't even do the "goal" signal correctly.
Sincerely and seriously.....there's pretty much ONE signal that USAUltimate observers give(score)....and they don't even do THAT ONE correctly. What does that say about their super advanced and comprehensive training? answer: it says that their training isn't that great, that their teachers aren't so good and that they might not be taking the right approach.
The "goal" signal by the endzone observer SHOULD BE....two hands down to signify a reception in the endzone, while they make eye contact with their Trail partner to see if there are any calls in the back field....THEN two hands straight up over head like the touch down signal.
THE TRAIL observer, if there are no calls in the back field, is supposed to give the low elbow two hands up mini-touch down signal to TELL THE LEAD, "give them the goal!"
Why do i keep seeing the LEAD endzone observer give three separate signals?????.....2 hands down, mini low elblow touch down....THEN the two hands up TOUCH DOWN signal?????
if ya can't get the simple mechanics right........lord knows what OTHER important things you're screwing up!
MECHANICS tell the story.....and if you're screwing up the probably can't be trusted to officiate a game.
now...i know...i get it....this post will be downvoted and everyone will AGAIN see that i'm a big mean guy with nothing better to do that to be angry..... might interpret my concern to AGAIN be for the BETTERMENT and IMPROVEMENT of ALL OFFICIATING for the sport of ultimate.
hell....i didn't get flown BY THE UPA to boulder co to teach them HOW TO officiate ultimate properly so that they could FUDGE IT UP.
i went there to fudging up the mechanics!!! that the sport will too.
please...reply with comments, questions, concerns, answers....anything ABOUT ULTIMATE that will HELP TO IMPROVE ultimate and its officiating.
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